Take a sip, have a glass, or finish a bottle. Kuvée ships the wines you love in our FreshPour™ bottles, giving you the freedom to enjoy wine on your terms.
What we do

We’ll ship you wines you’ll love, from exceptional wineries, that are preserved in our FreshPour™ wine bottles. With Kuvée every sip you take, from beginning to end, is as the winemaker intended.

What you do

Select the wines you want us to send you in our FreshPour wine bottles, insert the FreshPour™ bottle into your Kuvée dispenser, pour, and enjoy the wine you want instead of what’s open.

Uncork Greatness

Our team of experts works directly with vineyards and winemakers to hand-pick our portfolio comprised of the world's best wines, some famous ones you know, some off-the-beaten-path we hope to introduce to you.

  • Genius

  • I suddenly found myself with the amazing freedom to toss back as much or as little as I wanted, without a care in the world. So badass.

  • Brilliant

  • Get your hands on Kuvée

  • A modern approach to the classic problem of leftover libations.

  • Are you like my wife and I where we can never finish a full bottle and we end up pouring some wine out? This will prevent all of that, and more.

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Mario Armstrong


  • Wine bottles

    With Kuvée we all order by the glass, from my very own wine list, right at home.


  • Wine bottles

    Years of hosting Game Day parties has taught me the ins and outs of hosting guests for football viewing – you need great-tasting food and drink just as much as you need the game playing


  • Wine bottles

    I just wanted one glass of wine after a long day of writing, getting the kids to their various activities, and a board meeting. Boy did it hit the spot! Nice to be able to have one glass and know I can come back to it tonight just as fresh.


  • Wine bottles

    I'm a Kuvée Ambassador, business professional (cloud technologies) and world traveler. I love tasting new wines and to Kuvée is a great vehicle for just that. Experimenting with wine/food pairings is new to me and so much fun.


Wine at Your Door

With hand-selected wines delivered to your door, the only questions left are how many and how often? Adjust or cancel your membership at any time.