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Impeccable wines as they were crafted to taste, the technology to explore them on your terms, and the stories that give them life.


We are the team committed to bringing you great tasting wines through direct partnerships with tried and true wineries and others up and coming.

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Our partner’s wines come preserved in our revolutionary FreshPour™ Bottles freeing you to relish that first-glass freshness weeks after opening the bottle.

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Let the wine come to you! We deliver curated selections every or every other month. Pause or cancel anytime; seriously.

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Let us know the wines you can’t live without or choose from those we recommend. We’ll ship them to you in our FreshPour™ wine bottles.

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To pour wine the Kuvée way, insert a FreshPour™ bottle into your dispenser. Your dispenser compresses the revolutionary valve and enables you to pour the wine.

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With FreshPour™ technology, open and enjoy as many wines as you want not just the one that happens to be open.

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Kuvée your way.

Kuvée Key

Kuvée Key

Pour your favorite Kuvée wine from our FreshPour™ bottles and enjoy by the sip, glass, or bottle.

Kuvée Connect

Kuvée Connect

A customizable wine journey is just a touch away. Immerse yourself in the wines you love right on the built-in touchscreen will you pour from our FreshPour™ bottles.

Wine at Your Door

With hand-selected wines delivered to your door, the only questions left are how many and how often? Adjust or cancel your membership at any time.