See how Kuvée stacks up against top wine clubs.

Let’s break it down.

    Stays fresh for longer than 2 days Yes No No
    Number of wines per shipment 4, 8, or 12 6 and over 4
    Frequency of wine shipments Monthly/Every other month Reorder as needed Monthly
    Ability to choose your own wines Yes Yes Yes
    Ability to change or pause membership Yes Yes Yes
    Shipping fees applied $0.01 Varies by state + $9.99 + delivery fee $0.01
    Wines that I recognize Yes No No
    High quality wines at a value Yes No No
    Access to new/limited-quantity wines Yes No No
    Wines recommended based on your tastes Real-time feedback No No

      Kuvée gives you a wine experience like no other.

      • FreshPour™ Wine Bottles, delivered

        Keep wine fresh long after glass bottled wine would have spoiled.

      • Personalized recommendations

        Powered by your real-time wine ratings rather than a one-time wine quiz.

      • The world’s best wines, curated

        Quality exceeds price with our well-established and hidden-gem winery partners.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      • I'm amazed how it has changed my relationship with wine.

        Joe B.

      • I love not having to plan ahead for which wine I'm going to open and drink for the next few days. I'll never go back to glass bottles; Kuvée is perfect for me.

        Geoff L.

      • It (is) great to be able to open 2-4 bottles at a time and do a little taste-testing.

        Evan B.

      • I like Chardonnay but he's more of a Sauvignon Blanc person. We don't generally like to open multiple bottles of wine. Now we're having wine more week nights and you know, trying more than one bottle.

        Josh & Victor

      • My girlfriend and I really like the wine and the Kuvée bottle is really cool. It is perfect for our situation because we only drink a glass or two a few nights a week.

        Mark G.